CYA International - when 24 hours in a day are simply not enough...

Why should you work with CYA?

Relying on their expertise and passion, the team at CYA International offers OFF-SITE MARKETING assistance. This unique service offers your company the benefits associated with a marketing department without the high cost of one. We work on individual projects as needed, as part-time marketing assistants or as full time marketing managers.

CYA uses "one-voice" marketing techniques to insure that your brand is always presented professionally and impeccably. We design, create and write newsletters, press releases, social media posts, blogs, tweets, sales presentations, sales meeting content, speeches and scripts.

We work with you to develop marketing strategies, improve websites, create
e-commerce campaigns, survey/analyze customers and employees, and plan successful business-building corporate events.

  • Superior communication skills
  • A keen understanding of what motivates a sales team
  • Over 30 years of SALES experience
  • Creativity, Integrity, Objectivity, Diplomacy
  • Professionalism, Confidentiality, Dedication
  • A results driven approach
  • Expertise in the promotional industry

The CYA vision is based on the tenet that both the professionally written word and focused content marketing are integral to growth, profitability and corporate branding. The team serves both the US and Canadian markets out of their Boston & Toronto locations.

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